Ocean Investment

Ocean Investment is the Single Family Office of Jan Beckers. The company bundles Beckers' investment activities and is rooted in his entrepreneurial undertakings in the digital and technology sector.


The Ocean Investment portfolio is focused on fast scalable, digital and innovative business models that allow constant double-digit returns. It covers a variety of asset classes, among them public markets, direct private participations, venture capital and crypto. The flexible investment approach is aimed to support companies both industry and stage agnostic, utilizing our experience in scaling businesses.

Ocean Investment has made substantial investments in BIT Capital's technology funds and has a long-standing presence in the crypto domain. Investing in tokens, crypto equity and crypto-related business models allows us to benefit from the unique risk-return characteristics of this emerging asset class.


As technology advances, both opportunities and risks are growing fast. Based on our long experience in the tech industry we have developed the strong belief that global risks from technology are structurally underinvested and need to be actively managed. Our contribution to this effort will involve enabling the “Global Technology Risk Foundation” as a non-profit organization to provide support to researchers and connecting relevant stakeholders, as well as informing policymakers and the public in Germany.

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